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Expertly crafted top-notch icon library. Design and build with Hugeicons Pro — the beautiful icon library for innovation.

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Yes, the above designs look great. I want to see more examples using the Huge Icons Pro icon library.
Made for devs and designers
We all know the frustration of dealing with inconsistent icons. So we created the beautiful and
consistent icon library for designers and devs.
Npm, CDN & popular JS frameworks

Npm, CDN & popular JS frameworks

It supports NPM, SVG, JSZ, CDN, React, and React Native formats, ensuring comprehensive availability.

Explore the icons
Figma file, figma plugin, SVG & IconJar

Figma file, figma plugin, SVG & IconJar

Figma icon library, IconJar, SVGs and a magical Figma plugin

Explore the icons

Easy to customize

Made by global experts

Super big icon library

Human support

Imagine a game changing
Figma plugin.

Boost your design efficiency with this amazing Figma plugin that every designer needs. Instantly search and magically swap icons of any size, color, and stroke with incredible ease. Why settle for less when you can enhance your productivity?

No credit card or commitment required

The Figma plugin is a game changer. Loading a big figma file is complicated but the plugin runs very smoothly on Figma and makes designer's life more easy peasy.

Masum Parvej

Masum Parvej

Founder of Hugeicons Pro

It's all what you're looking for

With over 27,000 beautiful icons, Hugeicons Pro ensures you can find the perfect icon for any project. Finding the right icon is easy, as the icon library is available in a variety of formats, including Figma, React, SVG, CDN, NPM, and WordPress.

Endless possibilities with 27,000+ customizable icons.

Hugeicons Pro is a icon library of 27,000+ Beautiful icons for blazing-fast websites & apps. Design stunning landing pages, SaaS web apps, & mobile apps.

Hugeicons are great for those who are looking for an icon set that covers a large breadth of categories. They have a unique and playful style that add character to the sites / products you use them in.

Davey Heuser

Davey Heuser

Founder @IconJar

The size and attention to detail in this icon library is next level. Check it out!
This icon library is huge. Everything you could need for a project or website is already done. Definitely recommend.

Awesome icon library! Great level of detail and really well organized.

Jordan Hughes

Jordan Hughes

Founder @Untitledui

Discovering hugeicons pro was a game-changer for my web development. Their exceptional support and willingness to create custom icons make it incredibly valuable. The library's versatility with customizable styles and easy exports to React or SVG fits perfectly into my workflow. It's the best icon library I've used.



Founder @Prototypr

Whenever I'm after a specific icon I know that Hugeicons' massive library will have my back. Their beautifully crafted, and extensive set has been a reliable 'go-to' for ages now and I'd recommend them to anyone.

Liam McCabe

Liam McCabe

Founder @layers_to

Hugeicons has helped speed up my productivity when it comes to finding icons for my work. The ability to effectively search through different icon types is just different and a solid game changer when it comes to icon sets, get huge icons pro today and improve your productivity

Davio White

Davio White

Product designer @منافع | manafa

Hugeicons is a game-changer for anyone needing professional icons. Its extensive selection and quality make it easy to find the perfect icon for any use. Highly recommended for upgrading digital projects.

Edward Chechique

Edward Chechique

Product designer


You have questions? We have answers. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please feel free to reach out.

Why should I buy icons?
You can save time and effort by selecting the right library from the beginning. This will help ensure your website has a consistent, professional look and feel. If you use different libraries for your SaaS, mobile apps, or website icons, you will have different designs, styles, and weights. Icons will become increasingly inconsistent and messy as your icon collection grows, even to an untrained eye.

Additionally, poorly designed icons can be difficult to distinguish. Users may get confused or frustrated when they encounter the same interface with different styles of icons. This can lead to decreased user engagement and satisfaction, which will have a negative impact on your business.

Internet 's most beautiful icon library "Hugeicons Pro" ensures that all the icons have a consistent look and feel, making them easier to recognize. This helps improve the user experience.
Who is this icon library for?
Web and App Developers: For creating clear and attractive user interfaces.

UI/UX Designers: To improve navigation and user experience with visual cues.

Graphic Designers: For versatile graphics in various digital and print designs.

Content Creators: To visually punctuate and enhance digital content.

Product Managers and Entrepreneurs: For prototyping and launching polished products quickly.

Educators: To support and enrich educational materials, video and ads with visual aids.
Is there any free version?
Yes, access all the stroke icons for free. Visit to use the free icons. Our plugin also provides all the stroke icons for free. Explore our Figma plugin and enjoy a preview of all the free stroke icons. Our NPM CLI also offers the complete set of stroke icons for free to developers.
Is it a one-time payment?
Yes. No hidden costs, no recurring payments to worry about. Just a flat rate account that gives you unlimited access to our versatile icon library.
What about missing icons?
Hugeicons Pro offers over 27,000 beautiful icons, with plans to add more regularly. If you find any icons are missing, you can request them. However, to request icons, you'll need to purchase a premium package.
What support options does Hugeicons Pro offer?
Hugeicons Pro prides itself on excellent customer service. We offer support through various channels, including direct contact via email, Twitter page on site and Discord Channel. No matter your question or need, our support team is ready to assist you.
How can I use Hugeicons Pro icons in my projects?
You can use SVG, npm, React, React Native, CDN and various formats. Also you can use via Figma Plugin and Elementor Plugin for Wordpress.
Can I use Hugeicons Pro icons for both web and mobile applications?
Yes, our icons are optimized for any device, resolution or screen size, from desktop browsers to mobile devices and applications. Their versatility and quality allows for seamless integration into your projects.
How do I find the right icon in your collection?
Finding the perfect icon is easy with our advanced search functionality. You can search by keyword, category, style within our extensive collection of icons. Also you can save or bookmark icons. Our icon pack is designed to help you locate the exact icon you need quickly and efficiently.
What formats are available for icon download?
Our icons are available for download in various formats, including SVG and React to accommodate different project needs. Whether you're working on a HTML CSS or desktop application, you can download the icons in the format that best suits your development environment for better results.
Is it possible to request new icons or categories?
Yes, we welcome feedback, comments and requests for new icons or categories from our users. If you can't find what you're looking for, let us know! We regularly update our library based on user input to serve you better.
Are there any icons suitable for organizing my inbox or folder system?
Absolutely! Our pack includes a wide range of icons designed to help you manage your phone, your media, photos, computer, inbox and folders efficiently. From specific shapes that denote different types of files and data to search icons that make finding documents easier, Hugeicons Pro has everything you need for organization.
How can I customize Hugeicons Pro icons to match my project's style?
Our icons come with editable features that allow you to customize and edit their size, shape, color, and stroke width to match your project's style perfectly. You can make these adjustments directly within our platform from your browser before downloading the icons. Check example from the docs.