57 Popular icon categories

Hugeicons Provides 7 popular styles to fulfill your creative needs. Explore stroke, twotone, duotone, solid, bulk icon styles.

Stroke icons

HugeIcons' stroke icons showcase a sleek and modern aesthetic with a single, consistent outlined path, ensuring a minimalist design adaptable to diverse backgrounds and scalable dimensions; notable for their use in digital interfaces, these icons, distributed in vector formats, allow customization where any color added in any of your projects both design and development, be it default or customized, exclusively affects the stroke, maintaining a clean and personalized visual appeal.

Solid icons

Hugeicon’s solid icons embody a robust and impactful design, characterized by filled shapes that create a bold and commanding visual language; perfect for versatile applications, making them a preferred choice in digital interfaces and beyond. Distinctive in their solidity, these icons offer the flexibility of customization, allowing any color addition, whether default or customized, to uniformly fill the entire shape, ensuring a cohesive and striking appearance in various design contexts.

Twotone icons

Hugeicon’s twotone icons seamlessly blend two complementary colors, allowing users to independently customize primary and secondary colors. The default configuration designates specific sections for each color, ensuring a cohesive yet visually distinct appearance. Featuring two layers with the secondary color defaulted to 40% opacity, these colors only affects the icon’s stroke, enabling users to create multicolored effects on the outlines.

Duotone icons

HugeIcons' duotone icons boast a dynamic design with dual-color tones, striking a balance between sophistication and visual interest. The icons feature two layers - primary and secondary colors, with the secondary color defaulting to 40% opacity. Notably, these icons uniquely affect both the stroke and fill of the icon. Users can apply color directly to both layers, allowing for easy customization and the creation of multicolored icons, making them an ideal choice for versatile and modern design projects.

Bulk icons

Hugeicon’s icons showcase a dynamic design, harmonizing dual-color tones to achieve a blend of sophistication and visual intrigue. These icons are structured with two layers – primary and secondary colors, wherein the secondary color defaults to 40% opacity. The two icon colors affects only the fill, offering a unique design versatility. Users can effortlessly apply color directly to both layers, facilitating seamless customization and the crafting of multicolored icons.

Rounded icons

Hugeicon’s rounded icons are characterized by equally rounded corners and smooth curvature, providing a visually pleasing and inviting aesthetic. This meticulous attention to detail results in a visually pleasing aesthetic, with softened edges and a consistent, friendly appearance. The icons' rounded shapes create an inviting and approachable feel, making them an excellent choice for projects that require a modern and user-friendly appearance, adding a touch of friendliness to digital interfaces and projects.

Sharp icons

Hugeicon’s sharp icons showcase a bold and sleek design characterized by crisp, non-rounded edges, providing a precise and sophisticated visual language. These icons are meticulously crafted for projects that demand sharp, distinct outlines, delivering a modern and refined appearance that exudes professionalism. Whether used in digital interfaces or other applications, these icons bring a distinct edge to visual communication. The sharp detailing makes them a compelling choice for those seeking refined visual experience in their projects.