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Supercharge your React designs with 27,000+ beautiful and customizable React icons. Available with CDN, SVG, NPM and popular JavaScript frameworks. Unleash endless creativity and save precious development time.

Hugeicons Pro React icon library

Popular 7x styles to beauty your design

Explore how the Hugeicons Pro's react icons library will improve your UI and provide an expectation user experience to your users. Beautifully crafted react library with over 27,000+ icons.

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Beautiful icons with simple npm installation

27,000+ beautiful react icons, organized for ease. Easily boost your web and mobile design by integrating beautiful icons with a simple NPM installation, enhancing your project's aesthetics and functionality.

User friendly SVG and JSX icons

Explore over 27,000 stunning icons available in both SVG and JSX formats, designed to seamlessly integrate with React projects for a visually appealing user experience.

Download icons in React or SVG format with ease.

WWith the web app you can effortlessly find and select your desired icons. Customize the icons to your liking and download in React or SVG format instantly.

3,800+ Free icons

Access 3,800+ beautiful stroke icons for absolutely free, whether you choose to use it with NPM, CDN, SVG, JSX, React, or React Native. Unlimited use for both personal and commercial projects.

Reliable icon solution, designed for flexibility

Whether you're using NPM, CDN, SVG, or JSX, Hugeicons Pro has you covered. The massive library of 27,000+ beautifully designed react icons seamlessly integrates with your React projects. Customize size, color, and stroke with ease.

Search optimized

Wether you're searching icons for NPM, CDN and React icons library, the icons are easy to find.

Easy to customize

React icons are easy to customize, color size, stroke, animation and more.

27,000+ and counting

Hugeicons Pro provides 27,000+ react icons along with SVG, CDN, NPM and JS frameworks.

Designed by professionals

Hugeicons Pro react icons are designed by Pro designers, carefully.

7x Popular styles

Choose between stroke, twotone, duotone, solid, bulk, stroke sharp, solid sharp icons. Swap through icons easily.

Global CDN

Ready with global-friendly CDN network, use the icons for high-performance.

Actively maintained

We're dedicated for regular maintenance and immediate support.

Unlimited use

Use the react icon library for unlimited personal and commercial projects, of any sizes.

Adding more

Hugeicons Pro is committed to be the best and eager to add more react icons and features.

Developers, tired of searching for the perfect icon that's both beautiful and easy to integrate? Hugeicons Pro offers 27,000+ beautiful icons in formats like CDN, Npm, SVG, React, JSX & more.Find your perfect react icons fast, build amazing things.Try free react icons & save time!

Masum Parvej

Masum Parvej

Founder of Hugeicons Pro


You have questions? We have answers. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please feel free to reach out.

What makes Hugeicons Pro different from other icon packages?
Unlike standard icon sets, Hugeicons Pro offers a big and beautiful library of icons across 57 categories and 7 unique styles, including material design alternatives, font awesome alternatives, and more icons options. We have 27,000+ icons and they are "beautiful" and consistent. If we missed any icon you can just request us and we will add it for free! Within 24 hours!
How can I import only the icons I need for my project?
Hugeicons Pro supports selective import features, allowing you to import only the needed icons into your React projects. This helps minimize bundle size and improve performance. Our documentation provides examples on usage import methods for efficient integration.
Can I get 7x styles for the react icons?
Sure thing, Hugeicons Pro provides stroke, two-tone, duotone, bulk, solid, sharp stroke and sharp solid icon styles. And you will be able to use any of the styles in your react projects.
How to configure React icons props for customized icon designs?
Yes, configuring React icons props is straightforward with our library. You can customize the size, color, stroke width, and more, allowing for a perfect fit within your UI. For further usage examples, including how to configure react icons props, please refer to our detailed documentation.
Are SVG and components included in the Hugeicons Pro library?
Absolutely, our library includes SVG and React, making it easy to integrate high-quality icons into your projects. Whether you need icon components or raw SVG files for more complex designs, Hugeicons Pro has you covered.
How does Hugeicons Pro ensure accessibility in its icons collection?
We prioritize accessibility in our icon design, offering a range of accessibility icons that meet standard modern project requirements. Our icons are designed to be semantic, ensuring that they convey the correct meaning and assist in creating accessible web and mobile applications.
What types of React icons does Hugeicons Pro offer?
Our library includes over 27,000+ React icons, covering material icons alternative, SVG icons, and font awesome alternatives, ensuring you have the perfect icon for your React projects easily. Whether you need minimal icons, semantic icons, or accessibility icons, our extensive collection is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern React projects.
How can developers utilize Hugeicons Pro?
Developers can leverage Hugeicons Pro by using npm install or our Global CDN to add our icon library to their projects. Or simply use our web app to get any specific react or svg icons. Our icons are optimized for React but are versatile enough for use in various frameworks and projects, from web to mobile, ensuring seamless integration and beautiful results.