License Agreement

By acquiring or downloading Hugeicons Pro, you are consenting to the terms outlined in this license agreement. Please acquaint yourself with the permissions and restrictions concerning the use of the files that you receive post-purchase.

This legally binding agreement ("Agreement") establishes the terms between you, hereafter referred to as the "Licensee" or "Customer", and Hugeicons Pro, henceforth identified as the "Licensor", "Company", or "we", "us", "our".

You are allowed

  • You may use in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects for yourself and your clients. Multiple times & in multiple End Products.

  • You may create & build UI kits, website themes, templates, applications, software, graphics, print, logo designs and other innovative templates intended for resale.

  • You may create commercial SaaS applications or websites for which users pay a one-time fee or a subscription fee.

  • You may create icon variations by modifying hugeicons pro icons.

  • You may publish the entire Asset to your Figma account as a library in its original or modified state.

You are not allowed

  • You cannot distribute (e.g., embed) or share the item link on the web using Figma public access.

  • You cannot place any of the Item design files directly into the End Product.

  • You cannot permit an end user of the End Product to separate the Item from the End Product and use it separately.

  • If you purchased an individual license, you are unable to publish the item in your team library or grant edit permissions to other users. If more than one user will be accessing the file, please purchase a Unlimited license.

  • A hugeicons pro icon cannot be used in a product that competes with a hugeicons pro icon. This is because it would put the hugeicons pro icon at a disadvantage, as it would be competing with another icon that is not held to the same standards of quality, design, and usability. By not allowing these activities, hugeicons pro is protecting the integrity of its product.

Refund Policy

Hugeicons Pro required substantial effort to create. When you buy the Content, you gain instant, lifetime access. Refunds are available only in cases of critical issues that prevent you from accessing the Content. If you encounter any issues, contact us via within 30 days of purchase.

Please note we cannot issue a refund if you simply change your mind after purchasing, decide not to use the file, or are unfamiliar with Figma's features.


If the Licensor suspects a breach of this agreement, the Licensor may terminate the agreement and restrict the Licensee's ability to download Content. Upon termination, you must destroy the original and any copies of the Content, including backup copies.

Notice of termination or access restriction will be sent to the email address provided at purchase. These rights do not limit the Licensor's ability to enforce this agreement in other ways, including legal action.